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1 day Workshops

Saturday 27th August - 3 spots left!
Saturday 24th September

4 Spots available! 10am - 3:30pm
location: Ipswich, Eastern heights, 30 minutes from Brisbane

Come and join us for a day of printing with gorgeous colours, mixed with eating lots of cake and chatting away!
This workshop will cover the Photo Exposure Screen Printing process. You will learn all the skills needed to prepare your print for exposure, the exposure process and then how to print your original artwork onto fabric and paper.
You will learn about learn about colours, inks and various fabrics and all the techniques you’ll need to know to produce an amazing print.

You don't need any experience at all to join us! Not only will you get to do your awesome prints, but you will be able to do them on tshirts bags, and tea towels to, and you will leave for the day, walking out proudly with them slung over your shoulder. If you have time, you can even use our sewing machines to whip up your own cushion, clutch, or whatever your heart desires!

Come and Explore this screenprinting workshop and discover how simple and addictive it is! There is no experience required at all! Everything is taught on the day! Come and have fun in a brand new Studio!

Screen printing looks deceptively simple, though where you can take it and what you can do with it is endless.

No experience necessary and all materials supplied. It's something you will truly enjoy.

Information you need to know

Everyone will have four pieces of A3 heavy paper, 2 Tea towels, 2 calico bags and 1 tshirt.

Correspondence you can expect from us before you attend this session:

We will send out a Pre-Class email one week prior containing all the relevant information you may need before attending.

Can I bring my own Design?
Yes!! You can create your own design while you are here, though to make the most of your day, turn up with as many designs as you like, and drawn up on an a4/a3 piece of paper, done in Black art liner pen / Sharpie

Do I need previous experience screen printing?
No experience is necessary for this class.